Here’s Why You Should Adopt a Pet

By adopting a pet, not only will you do a good thing but gain a great little friend who will make you so happy every day. If you are thinking about adopting a pet, these are some of the reasons why this is a great decision.

1.  You are saving a life of an animal

Woman cuddling her dog

There is nothing worse than walking down the street a hearing a dog squeal or seeing a cat trembling from cold – these scenes are heart breaking. What’s worse, due to large number of animals in shelters, many of them are euthanized every year. This would be very different if more pets are adopted, rather than bought. So, if you’re living conditions allow you to have a pet, then adopt a cat or a dog. Be sure that you have saved that animal’s life.

2.  You can have a great and healthy pet

Not only that you will save an animal – having a pet is most rewarding. These little creatures cannot speak but they become just like members of a family. If you are worried that there is something wrong with pets from animal shelters, be sure that they are just like any other animals that you would be able to buy. Many of them are there due to owners’ issues. So, by adopting a dog or a cat, you’ll get a healthy pet that is most likely already lived with people and were trained.

3.  You’ll save money

Buying an animal from people who have a certain breed of dogs or cats can be costly. By adopting, you’ll avoid spending a lot of money. The only costs are usually only vaccinating an animal. Also, most of them are trained so that you won’t have to worry about that either.

4.  You can take lots of selfies with your pet

People’s selfies have always been a bit tacky and annoying. But taking a selfie with your dear pet is adorable!

5.  You’ll be fighting against a puppy mill

When buying an animal at a flea market, the web or a store that sells pets, chances you’ll get a puppy mill pet are high.

A puppy mill is specially designed to breed dogs with the profit in aim. These facilities don’t care about the welfare and health of animals, but about the profit they’ll make. These poor animals are often physically ill but also emotionally neglected so they show behavioral problems. Female dogs are caged here for number of years with little chance they will ever become someone’s pet, and are used for breeding. These dogs are maltreated and the only way to fight this is not to pay them and prevent them from getting profit as much as possible.

6.  You can get a trained pet and keep your home clean and undamaged

When you adopt a dog that’s not puppy anymore, you’ll get a pet that is in most cases trained to behave well among people. So, the risk of getting your stuff damaged, or your house messed up is low.

7. You’ll be happier and healthier

Happy family with their lovable dog

Giving an animal a home and safety is such a rewarding feeling. Animals love unconditionally. Not only will your pet be happy, but you will become much happier and less sad and anxious. Adopting an animal has great benefits to human psychological health.

8.  You’ll help more animals at the same time

Each time a person adopts a pet, they make room for other animals from the streets to be taken into shelters. So by adopting a pet, you’ll save another one that will replace it in the shelter. There are so many unwanted, abused and neglected animals out there that it’s paramount to raise awareness about this issue so that as many animals as possible can be saved.

9.  Adoption is easy with the Shelter Pet Project

You will find all kinds of animals for adoption at the Shelter Pet Project. You can find different breeds of dogs and cats, in all sizes. You will also see how their temperaments differ. You’ll surely find your favorite pet!

10.  You’ll change the entire life of your pet

Picture of a happy dog

Animals may not know how to speak but they have emotions. When you make them feel safe, loved and happy, know that you changed the entire life of that little being.